Diagnosing Damp or Timber Problems



It is always advisable to have an expert come to your property to diagnose your damp or timber problem. Below are frequently asked questions to help you start to diagnose the problem in your home.





"I have black mould in the corner of my living room, is this a sign of rising damp?"

No, not usually - black mould can only grow in the pure water produced from steam so it is more likely to be condensation.

Rising Damp causes salts and impurities to rise up into your brick and plasterwork, but not mould.


"I have flaking/bubbling plaster in my kitchen, just behind the washing machine. Could this be rising damp?"

It could be, but make sure you check the pipes to your washing machine first for leaks!


"I have found a fungus growing in the corner of my shower - could it be dry rot?"

The only way to know for sure is to have an expert look at it - there are many different types of fungus and most are a lot less

destructive than dry rot. Leak test your shower to make sure no water is escaping and call us in to check the fungus.


"My flat has bad condensation. Should i just get a dehumidifyer?"

Dehumidifyers are a good way to remove moisture in your home - they do not however usually remove it all or fix the problem. The best way to reduce moisture levels is to make a few simple lifestyle changes (see our guide) or install an effective extraction unit in the bathroom/kitchen.


"I have liften my carpet and found little holes in my floorboards - do i have woodworm?"

Active woodworm is quite rare in modern properties - it is more commonly found in period or restored buildings. Holes will, of course, stay in the wood even after the infestation has gone, often posing no threat to the timber. Call us in to check if the holes are a sign of a live infestation or an old an inactive one.


"Why do you charge for Pre-Purchase surveys? I have spoken to other companies who will do it for free."

We make a small charge for our Pre-Purchase surveys because we only ever use fully qualified CSRT CSSW surveyors to survey your property and compile the report. If a company offers to survey your property for free, they may well only be sending out a sales person or trainee. Your house purchase is the most expensive purchase of your life, so make sure you have a qualified surveyor checking it for major defects which could cost you more in the long run if un-dectected. Our survey charge is also fully refundable if you go on to purchase the property and have any work done by us.





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