Condensation and Black Mould

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Black mould grows when steamy air gets trapped inside your home and cannot escape. 
Houses, like people, need to breathe – let out dirty air and let in fresh clean air. 

The steamy air created when you bathe or cook travels around your home looking for a way out – when it cannot get out, it condenses on the coldest surfaces it finds and BLACK MOULD soon begins to grow.

Wiping the mould away is the first step, but unless you address the cause – the CONDENSATION trapped in your home – the mould may simply come back again.

Each property is different, but our Fully Qualified Surveyors will be able to give you personalised recommendations to resolve the cause of the problem and eliminate the mould growth.

Our initial consultation fee is fully refundable if you go on to have any remedial works carried out by us.