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Guide to Clearing the Work Zone prior to works

Dampworks Clients Pre-work Requirements


Below is a checklist for clients to action PRIOR TO Dampworks staff arrival onsite


Our team requires a parking space for a medium size van for the duration of the works. 
This space needs to be close to the property for security and access to tools and materials. 
If no free close parking is available, the client needs to arrange for a suitable space or parking permit prior to our arrival. 
If paid parking is the only option, all costs incurred will be added to clients’ final bill.


Drilling will be required as part of the works: although this will result in some dust and mess, our electrician will endeavour to keep this to a minimum and clear up once finished.  However, this does mean that it is very important that you keep all valuable or delicate items out of the work zone – we cannot be responsible for damage to items left in the work area.


All works rooms/areas will need to be fully cleared of all personal items and any furniture that may restrict access prior to our arrival.

Dampworks operatives will do their best to protect floors etc but are not responsible for damage to any items left by the client in the work zone on commencement of works.  

Time lost when our technician is required to clear personal items, furniture or floor coverings not included in our works breakdown will result in an additional charge and we cannot be responsible for damage to any of these items if required to move them without prior arrangement.   Any items left in the work zone are at the client’s own risk.


If any items are found remaining in the work zone upon our staffs’ arrival, we will take this as your complete acceptance of risk and responsibility for any damage that should occur to any such items. 

Dampworks ltd will not be held responsible for damage to any item not removed by the client from the work zone prior to the start of the works – any repairs or replacements required will be the clients’ sole responsibility.


If you require further clarification, please contact our office:

Office telephone number: 01689 600 158  (8am till 5pm Monday to Friday)
Out of hour’s (urgent only) enquiries: 07941 237 307







Prior to Dampworks arrival onsite to undertake the works as agreed, we request that either you the client, your managing agent or tenants arrange for the removal of the below listed items (or similar) from the treatment zone (i.e. rooms where we are carrying out works) into a safe area place away from dust and risk of accidental damage.  Please note, the below is not an exhaustive list of items: Dampworks expects the client to remove any item, electrical or otherwise, that may be at risk in the work zone.  Any items left in the work zone are done so at the Clients own risk.

Items we would recommend removing include: House Alarms or Sensors, Internet HUBS, SKY or cable TV receiver boxes, telephone points, televisions, dvd/bluray players, gaming stations, computers, laptops, tablets, phones and any other items, electrical or otherwise, which may be sensitive to dust or movement.  Care will be taken to minimise dust, but dust in the work zone is simply unavoidable and Dampworks ltd will not be held responsible for damage to any item not removed prior to the commencement of our works.


· Where surface mounted cables are present (e.g. telephone lines, internet, alarm cables etc.) these must be eased off the walls or skirting boards by the client/clients own technician prior to our arrival.  If not, where safe to do so we will remove any cables restricting access to the work zone as carefully as possible from the surface and leave them rolled up for re-fixing by the client but Dampworks takes no responsibility damage occurring to any such item during its removal.  Any cables left secured to the wall/skirting/coving etc. are left in the work zone at the Clients own risk.


· We strongly recommend that carpets/rugs are rolled up and removed prior to our arrival. Our staff will use standard dust sheet protection to the areas we are working in and access routes only.  We will not be accountable for any damage to carpets/laminate floorings that have not been removed ahead of our planned arrival. If you have flooring that may be easily damaged (polished hardwood, laminate, tiles or carpets etc), you may request extra dust sheet protection or addition floor protection boards at cost.  Please contact the office 2 days prior to works as our vans have a limited supply on-board.

·   If any delicate/sensitive/valuable items are not removed prior, upon our arrival we shall politely ask the occupant to remove these items without delay.  Where items have still been left in the work zone and are believed to be at risk or preventing Dampworks from accessing the work area , Dampworks staff will unplug/unscrew these items and move to a safe location where possible and leave for the client to re-fix after completion of our works.  However, Dampworks Ltd takes no responsibility for damage that may occur to these items whilst disconnecting/moving them; we will take any items left in the work zone as your full acceptance of the risk and your willingness to accept any related costs to re-instate/repair them.

·  Where Dampworks ltd are asked to leave internet connection devices, telephones and/or internet or telecoms cables, sky boxes etc. plugged in and functioning in the work zone, this is done so at the client sole risk: should any accidental damage occur then the client will take full responsibility for any cost incurred.

·  Where the rooms have not been fully cleared of furniture, stored items and/or carpets/laminated flooring ahead of our planned arrival, the client takes full responsibility for dust ingress, scratches or any accidental damage that may occur.  Standard floor protection will be used in the work zone only.  If you require additional protection for flooring in your property (e.g. if you have expensive carpets or solid wood floors etc.) please contact the office prior to the works start date to discuss extra protection options as an addition to your quotation.

If you have any items that require specialist removal (e.g. a stair lift or fish tank etc.) or if the home owner is elderly or disabled, then we ask that you could make the office aware before our start date so that we can arrange for extra staff to arrive early to assist and in some cases re-instate the items on completion of our works (this may be subject to an additional charge depending on the amount of items/ease of removal).


Delays: Our teams should arrive from 8:00 to 8:30am, depending on traffic.  Once onsite, it is expected that they should be able to start work without delay.  Delayed starts can result in delayed finish times and over-runs; if on arrival our staff are delayed by more than 30 minutes due to the works area not being cleared and ready for treatment, Dampworks Ltd reserve the right to charge a fee per hour lost or an abortive visit full day charge (if works are completely restricted due to lack of power or access to the work zone etc.) Contact office for full details.