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Timber Decay and Woodboring Insects

Dry Rot


Dry Rot treatment can be very complex: it should always be identified by qualified surveyors and treated by experienced technicians. It should never be ignored or treated by amateurs: this will almost certainly lead to more serious and costly problems in the future.

Firstly, the source of the moisture which incourages the fungus must be removed, establishing a dry environment.

Secondly, the fungal growth of the rot must be removed and any affected defective timber must be treated to eradicate re-growth. Dampworks technicians are highly skilled in the treatment and eradication of Dry Rot fungus


Wet Rot


Wet Rot is usually less of a serious problem, but eradication of moisture sources, promoting a dry environment and timber treatment/replacement is often still necessary to prevent escalation of the problem. Dampworks specialise in eradication works which can involve partial or complete fabrication replacements.

Once a surveyor has inspected your property, full details of the proposed treatments are provided along with our quotation and most treatments are covered by our long term guarantee.




Woodworm is the general name given to any beetle found in building timbers which feeds on wood.

The species most often found are Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum), but other insects such as Death Watch Beetle, Powder Post Beetle can often be found in older period properties. DampWorks offer a comprehensive range of eradication treatment services: our specialist surveyor will determine the type of infestation and appropriate treatment to prevent future attacks.

Where treatment is required to affected timbers, our technicians use ecologically sound, low odour preservatives which only require properties to be vacated for a short time; often re-entry is possible later the same day.

We provide a 20 year guarantee on woodworm treatments such as Common Furniture Beetle. Details of the guarantees available to meet your requirements will be provided by our surveyor.